tokyo vertical


project year


project team

; 2016

; shinjuku, tokyo

; edric choo poo liang

  clyde ong

Influenced by contemporary lifestyle, death and its culture appears to experience great change in modern Japanese  metropolis. The scheme explore and reinterpret the relationship of life and death by transforming traditional cemetery and columbarium into a vertical park. ​


Derived from the symbolism of Gorinto, which clearly defines the thought of the spiritual connection between human and nature towards the impermanence world, the proposal rearranged the five elements of the symbolism and attempt to create a unity of nature,living beings and death.


It is a cemetery also functions as a public park, bringing back the essence of belief where the dead returns to the nature and reconnected with the living. The overall cemetery appears as a vertical green spaces towering over the street of Shinjuku.