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double storey

terrace houses

project year



project team

; 2020
; design development
; klang, selangor

; edric choo poo liang
  ho yen liang


The brief request for 49 units of affordable double storey terrace houses at Meru, Klang. Each standard lot size is 20x67’ with a build-up of 1608sqft. In the scheme we explore 2 design goals. First is to make a standard 20’ wide terrace house looks wider. Second is to try to break the repetitiveness of typical terrace house design.


For every 2 unit the neighboring party wall is made more prominent in the form of fin wall feature to suggest a form break at every 2 units (40’). The typical neighbor fencing at car porch in between these 2 units is designed to be minimal to encourage interaction. The consistent visual break for every 2 unit along the terrace row creates an affect where each house looks wider (40’).


All 49 units of houses façade form, window and color design are designed into 2 main alternating variation to break the sweeping repetitiveness of typical terrace housing façade.

Interior dining area comes with double volume height ceiling with skylight at the roof bringing in natural light to the deep interior. Hot interior air rises and ventilate out thru the vent block gap between the main jack roof. Each window in the house are purposely directed using window sun-shading towards either looking at the front garden or the sky. This avoid opposite units’ window overlooking each other. 

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