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O2DA's visions of what future urban life could look like 'post-pandemic city of tomorrow' has been published by designboom.

1. Overall City Elevated Up Nature.jpg

Following the unprecedented events of 2020, we have responded with our vision of what future urban life could look like with our 'post pandemic city of tomorrow' that has been published in designboom.

It is composed of a series of self-sustaining towers. called ‘the post-pandemic city of tomorrow’, the project proposes to ‘set nature free’ by elevating the towers high above the ground, allowing the forests and rivers below to thrive.

Up until today, our society develops townships and cities horizontally by means of destroying the land. miles of forest are lost each year equivalent to 48 football fields every minute. if things persist, all of mother nature will be replaced with a manmade environment. the global coronavirus pandemic could be an indirect sign that the earth has fallen sick.

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