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marshland stadia

project year


project team

; 2017
; new york, us

; edric choo poo liang
  farah aliza badaruddin
  minsyn lim

The Stadium is an important piece of civic infrastructure in the city that could reshape a city. Our proposal reimagines The Stadium typology to become a self-sustained stadium or a micro city that is tailored towards the Americans love for sports.

Part of our design strategy is to curb the universal problem of building “white elephant” stadiums. Therefore, we hypothesized that the stadium (core program) should act as a primary public amenity to the city, with multi-use capability even during non-match days for a more sustainable life-cycle.

This mixed development -stadium-park complex integration is a subtle yet modest proposal, that focuses more on the sustainable, environmental, community-driven (social) aspects; where McCarren Park is given back to the community.

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