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kl eco city residential tower 2 id

project year


project team

; 2018

; kl eco city, kuala lumpur

; edric choo poo liang

  lim min syn

  goh chew yet


Layer 34.jpg

Grand Lobby 

The main design approach for the Upper Ground Lobby is reducing the energy consumption with using high louvers windows wrapping the lobby volume induce cross ventilation to the space to cool down the lobby. Residents and guests are welcomed by a naturally ventilated grand lobby with trees and waterscape extended in from the exterior lightly separated by the porous louvers walls. The visitor will experience the sound of cascading water. Series of vertical timber louvres with different depth undulating path to bring the idea of external façade into interior architecture.


The vertical wooden with the vertical conceal LED light strip give the effect of homecoming feeling to the residents. A portal with centre pivot door define the resident territory with access card. Behind the resident will find their daily mail from the elevated mail boxes. The idea of vertical louvres carried through to the lift lobby area. Idea of verticality louvres enhance the effect of height volume. The Black oil Stain metal lift door extended to upper panel will give some interested of rawness to the design. 


Apartment Unit

When u enter the apartment units, on the left side will be open kitchen cum the washing machine area. Frameless sliding glass panel was introduced to divide dining and living space from the kitchen to avoid smile and oil stain flying around the house. The living and dining is open plan layout. 

The challenge of designing 1+1 Bedroom Units is to create and open planning as much as possible to reduce the feeling of the units was a small unit. Idea to introduce the flexible sliding panel to allow for the overflowing of space between living and master bedroom area. Unit owner have a choice to choose either open the sliding mirror panel or close it when resting. The sliding panel has been cladded with both side mirror to give extended vision and make the space larger even when the panel is close.

The Bathroom layout has been improved with allow the glass mirror box for the shower area to face the dining area. By introducing 2 ways mirror it introduce a sexy bathroom with user can visible from inside bathroom and external of shower area is reflective mirror. It will be an exceptional experience for the user. We introduce the matte black small triangle tiles with play of lighting to exchange the space.

The entire floor and wall material was mainly wood strip and laminated wood floor to give a warm and resort feel to the home. The effect of undulated vertical strip also carried the language to the apartment unit.

As for furniture, we introduce a flexible transformation furniture that available in market to promote spaces flexibility. The guess bed is transformable to a study desk when needed and masterbed can be folded up when not in used to allow bigger usable space when needed.  

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