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pam klaf 2018

future malaysian

housing exhibition

project year

project team

; 2018
; petaling jaya, selangor

; edric choo poo liang
  minsyn lim 
  kong xhiang lynn


Observing that big area of land in a heavily motorized-dependent city like Klang Valley are used on building multi-lane highways. The city is suffering from lacking of space for housing in the city center while big portion of lands are reserved for massive highways. The main idea for the scheme is to build mass affordable housing on the space above our existing highways.


The horizontality and infinite nature of the space allow for free horizontal structural expansion with less constrain of gravity. Without the need for land acquisition, big part of the cost could be used into building better quality house.

Integrated with the mass transit train station, the housing fulfilling urban dwellers’ desire to live centrally and integrated to the city’s main lifeline.

Besides, The fast-moving vehicle from the highway generate energy through moving mini wind turbines installed at the flanks of the highway enough to power the running of common facilities. Trees area planted along with the wind turbines acting to diffuse the noise from the vehicle.


Polluted air from the highway below are brought up through a tunnel with wet scrubbers filter that eliminate pollutants and subsequently clean air is released out to the podium facility area.

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