kfc & modern


project year



project team

; 2020

; design development

; ijok, selangor

; edric choo poo liang

  lim min syn

  syazwan amidun

  jane quak


As a part of a petrol station rest-stop masterplan, the KFC restaurant & drive-thru aim to be a gathering place for families, friends and students from nearby residential township and adjacent university campus.


The standalone KFC has an area of 3900sf. The overall form inspiration conceived as a KFC burger serving box which is made by folding paper card origami. The design uses straight origami lines to make reference to 1970s modern futurist-retro ‘Googie’ architecture movement popular in American west coast early drive-thru design.


Similar movement has spread across the world including Malaysia. The concept is to bring people together to dine in an iconic fast-food restaurant that bring back memories of past.


Proposed on top of the KFC is a Coffee Bean café outlet where students and café goers can hangout with great view looking back to the neighboring university campus greenery.

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