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4 storey


project year



project team

; 2020

; schematic design

; kepong, kuala lumpur

; edric choo poo liang

  pang jun wei


Developer’s brief call for a row of 4-storey shop lot with covered verandah-way and glass shopfront at ground level. The project explores the potential of inserting a central courtyard space for typical multi-storey shop lot.


Due to the site context where the land is facing a noisy major road and an elevated MRT train line under construction, the proposed upper storey office or shop space creates an ‘inward looking’ environment with minimal and controlled window opening towards outside.


The exterior façade is mainly in solid walls with small windows come with coping directing views to the ground street landscape and bounces back train and car noises away from the shop interior. Meanwhile the scheme creates a transparent glass surrounding walls and day-lit central courtyard to brighten interior spaces and encourage interaction around it.


Exterior shop signage is well planned integrated into the façade window strips. Corner unit rooftop is planned to be a semi-enclosed F&B terrace with commanding view towards KLCC.

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