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kenya's orphanage

project year




project team

; 2017
; soy, kenya

; clarke hopkin clarke architects,

; international architecture review          future project awards 2018
  world architecture festival award          2017
  international competition 
  first prize

; edric choo poo liang
  minsyn lim

The aim of the project is to create a conducive place to learn, play and live for the Kenyan childrens. The Children Eco-Village design is inspired by traditional Kenyan Maasai architecture that emphasize on the spirit of community, robust in-between spaces and the use of local materials. The design reinvent traditional form to suit the need of a large institutional and housing facilities by innovating on appropriate local building material and technology.  


It is planned as a self-sustaining village with clear zoning of programmes. Public area like training centre, community hall and farm are located near the front of the property. Homes for the orphans are toward the back protected by the schools and farm in between. A wide circulation spine link all components together and increase the legibility within the site. Schools and homes are laid out in circular clusters and each cluster represents an unique programme. The centre of a cluster (home/school) is a large shaded open courtyard for outdoor learning and playing. Abundance of in-between spaces outside of the classrooms promote informal learning and encourage interaction.          


Classrooms and bedrooms are designed according to the local climate. Shaded clay brick wall with big window openings cool down the classroom by inducing cross-ventilation during the hot day. At night, heat absorbed by the bedroom concrete block wall help keeping the interior warm. Sustainable material like bamboo is explored as structural element. New bamboo starter plants are planted at the perimeter of the site to be harvested for future construction. 

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