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ita's house

project year



project team

; 2020

; under construction

; subang jaya, selangor

; edric choo poo liang

  jane quak

Kak Ita's house, two and a half storey terrace house located at Subang Jaya, designed for a Malay family of five. The client intended to renovate the house that has been their roof over their heads for almost 20 years.

Due to their kids have much grown up, the house is required for extension by building up more extra spaces. The client has intended to extend the rear part of the house from 2 storey to 2 1/2 storey to allow more bedrooms for their grown up kids.

The existing terrace house design were in symmetrical way with two houses sharing the same car porch roof. The client has a great interest in modern house design such as chinese porcelain vase and timber material. 

The question whether the new design should or should not follow back the existing house design was not an issue because the existing architecture of the house does not has any historically significance.

The form of the house consists of simple geometry derived from the interior spaces. The main feature of the house was the metal screen panel in 450mm x 450mm 'kerawang' pattern which was much inspired by the Chinese porcelain design and its thematic blue color.

At the front of the house, the car porch was designed to allow for more than one car and to have a patio beside the garden area to serve as a family gathering space.

Once entering the house, you will be greeted by a double volume living area showered with the natural sunlight. A few existing roof tiles to be replaced with transparent polycarbonate roof tiles to allow more sunlight penetrate through the interior space. The material palette for the house mainly are timber and peranakan tiles to give a warm feeling to it.

The white and blue peranakan tiles with a similar motifs as referred to the Chinese porcelain was selected for kitchen and toilet spaces. At the first floor, the existing car porch roof has been replaced with a terrace integrated with a planter box and a seating area. The terrace area was enclosed with kerawang screen panel to provide security, privacy and dappled light and shadow for the area.

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