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horizon HOUSE

project year



project team

; 2019
; Construction
; salak south, kuala lumpur

; edric choo poo liang
  lim mim syn
  aaren neo
  naveen ram
  pang jun wei

Located within a matured residential neighborhood of Salak South KL, Horizon House sit on a sloping site with the rear portion enjoy commanding view towards southern KL. The owner call for a complete demolition and rebuild of an existing old single storey bungalow. New house to comes with additional floors rising above neighboring houses to bring in the great city view.


The owner couple have 3 children and stays together with their older parent. The brief is to design a family home with 6 bedrooms including a guest room, a socializing guest terrace, a small chapel, a gym, the owner’s office and a meeting room. The living, dining, kitchen and parent’s room located on the ground floor, while the office occupy the mezzanine floor, the guest room and socializing terrace are on the first floor while the master and children’s bedrooms are planned at the topmost floor.


Main spaces of the house are planned within several smaller forms surrounding a central courtyard. The courtyard brings in natural light and allow cross ventilation throughout the 4 sides of the house form. A singular palette of exterior cement render and concrete enhance the stacking forms.


On the first floor, the socializing terrace is a semi-enclosed space where owner hold social events with view towards Southern KL. The master bedroom, master bathroom and attached jacuzzi areas on the second floor have even higher commanding urban view.


The project also explores the possibility of curved concrete roof construction, inspired by the traditional Chinese oriental house roof form. The thin RC roof canopy is designed to visually ‘float’ above the space with a glass window break and each has substantial amount of projection for tropical sun and rain protection.


Some building elements from the old house are reused and repurpose in the new house design. Existing concrete roof tiles are made into window sun-shading and wine bottle holders, while the demolition rubbles are re-erected into gabion fencing walls.

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