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project year


project team

; 2017
; Toward CCC
; puchong prima, selangor

: pam award 2022 (silver)

; edric choo poo liang
  minsyn lim

  rina kamar
  lee chear shean
  goh chew yet
  jia xin khor
  yj tan

This is a 12 units terrace housing project within a 1 acre land in Puchong, Selangor. There are 2.5 storey per unit built on a sloping land towards the rear. Internal spaces of the house are planned around a central triple volume courtyard naturally lit with landscapes.


There is also a front courtyard with vertical green wall separating the living room from the carporch plus a green terrace at the rear lower ground floor.


External of the houses are articulated in 2 form variants expressing different built heights, colors and finish textures to break away the norm of extreme linearity in Malaysian terrace housing. Windows on the east-west facing facades are shaded with operable louvers with 2 different alternating mechanism.

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Interior 5.jpg
Interior 1.jpg
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Interior 4.jpg
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Interior 2.jpg
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