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project year




project team

; 2015

; completed

; bandar seri coalfields 

  sungai buloh, selangor

; PAM-HOMEDEC Award 2015


  world architecture festival award          2017


  malaysia miid reka award 2017


  designer of the year award 2017




; edric choo poo liang


The house is located at a new housing development area at Sungai Buloh with standard lot size of 22’x75’. The Client’s intention is maximize the internal space of the house by extending it outwards.

From outside, the house’s contemporary design approach is integrated with lush garden at the front porch. This is a big contrast to typical terrace houses carparks at front porch, sacrificing garden space. The Designer has reduced the parking space at front porch in return for a lush front garden. 

The interior of the house has been designed with open plan concept, connecting Living, Dining and Kitchen space. At the center of the house, a double height space is created with greenery, natural light and shadow. The traditional concept of courtyard house has been reinvented here. In these spaces, the original upper floor slab and ceiling have been removed and some of the roof tiles have been replaced with clear polycarbonate roof tiles to bring in natural light. Two big trees and low shrub are planted at the centre of the house. On the upper floor rooms, walls have been replaced with sliding windows to create cross ventilation and interaction between upper floor and lower floor. 

This space has become the heart of the house where the residents interact with each other amongst the nature setting.

To keep the house design simple and to concentrate on quality of light, space, and greenery, the designer uses cement render as a single material for the floor and wall. 

Dining & Living View (LR).jpg
Courtyard (Top down) (LR).jpg
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