Future House : Micro House Competition

This proposal offers users a flexible and affordable housing development strategy. As the land, property and construction costs continue to rise, many users especially retiree and youngsters could not afford to get a house. As a result, multi-generation families could not live together as the bigger the land, the higher the cost.


The flexible and affordable housing development strategy allows users to choose, design and create their house according to their own unique life style. The concept of the modules  is a plug and play system where users get to plug-in a few module types in order to form their desired house based on their ability as well as the demographic of their family. The modules can be formed from a single bachelor module up to 6 modules that can house a family of 6 members. The maximum formation within a 500 sqft plot size can go up to 8 modules. In addition, this system is adaptable to various site condition as the flexibility of modules allows flexible arrangement.





Project Year: 2017

Location: Flexible

Allocades: First Prize

Project Team:

Edric Choo

Chaer Shean Lee

Queenie Wong

Chew Yet Goh






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