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The Rooms  

project year



project team

; 2021
; Schematic
; Taman Selamat, Penang

; edric choo poo liang
  wong Jia Xin
  germin lim

Private Residences for a Family of 5. 

The site was surrounded by existing neighborhood bungalows and further away from the main road. Approaching the house using the 'Right of Way', the owner will be greeted with a series of horizontal planes canopy, cantilever rooms, and beautiful open lawn.   

The main idea of the house consists of a series of rooms that unites together to form the Family. These Series of Rooms embrace different activities based on owner's family lifestyle circulate around the pools as the center activity space of the House.

Material palettes from wood, off-form concrete, luxurious stone, and the plane white walls will be carefully composed to create harmonies and balance.

The House has been designed fully cross-ventilated without much relying on air-conditioning. Facade facing the western sun in the evening will be screened off with timber louvers. 

The rooftop will be a heavenly garden for the owner where he intended to do his own urban farming. 


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