House - A Dream 

The past haunts me, the trauma; the pain; the suffer. No one understands, no one does. For me to carry the burden of the unspeakable act performed by my origins, bores deeply into my mind. The surreal was overwhelming, I find myself lost in my mind, not physically, but mentally. Unable to suppress my mind, mu fragmented mind shatters into pieces. Each pieces gave life a new me, my other self, a different I.

Time passes as the body continues to be subjected to malignant acts. Through therapeutic treatment, the alters was able to find peace and stability. Switching between personalities, each bears a different life, a different life. A different story tell. Yet there is on particular personality that are dominant, named Patricia King, sets out to understand other personality.


With other multiple alters, Patricia is able to understand the disorder that not only she and other alters are facing, but other people on the streets that are suffering from dissociative identity disorder. With a hope, Patricia dreams of opening up and letting other bystanders to have a better understanding of this disorder so as to clear up any misleading thoughts portrays by social media through movies and dramas, Having other people to know that they are not a victim to DID patients, but the DID patients are the only victims to themselves.


Project Year: 2018

Location: Flexible

Project Team:

Edric Choo

YJ Tan







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