Evolo 2016: City of Tomorrow

The modern mega city as a result of ultra rapid urbanization, set Nature as its primary enemy, a source of chaos. As cities expand horizontally we blaze up forests to create extra space. Miles of forest are lost reach year equivalent to 48 football fields every minutes. Now, what is the solution?

The concept follows a classical belief in technology. The solution is technocratic while rooted in architectural realization. On the technological front human have realize personal flying car, a car-plane hybrid that gives maximum freedom of mobility. However the limitation of the idea of Skycar or flying cars is that the need to build more and more functionally zoned buildings remain unchanged, Meanwhile towards the end of 20th century, designers are finding solution to lift the city upwards and make our individual living space mobile.

In moments of scarcity and crisis, new technologies emerge to solve the demand. We propose a version of future city that integrate work, live and mobility infrastructure as One. Zero wastage of floor space, zero road, zero deforestation and zero suburbs. A series of elevated towers with individual small flying capsules which become space for work and live. A live-work-travel Crossover






Project Year: 2017

Location: Flexible

Project Team:

Edric Choo

MS Lim









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