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; 2020


; edric choo poo liang

  lim min syn

  quek yi jane

  Noe on E


The Penang 1001 Street

The main idea of the Bayfront design for Penang island is to create a continuous walkable urban Street stretch from the northern Tanjung Sri Pinang to the southern The Light Waterfront bay area.


The uniqueness of Penang townscape is form by the series of urban streets like Lebuh Pasar, Beach Street, Penang Road and Gurney Drive. We stitch together parts and parcels of Penang ‘identity’ into a Street with the main goal to heal, restore and re-energize the island’s Bay. We celebrate the diversity of culture of Penang thru the introduction of different stretches of cultural themed Street sections, each relate to the idea of both Penang cultural tradition and existing urban fabric and architectural characters. The street is composed of the ‘Dragon Boat Street’, ‘Peranakan Street’, ‘Trishaw Street’, ‘Textile Street’, ‘Penang Art Street’, ‘Hawker Fair Street’, ‘Giant Incense Street’, Fish Market Street’, Temple Street’, Chingay Street’ and the ‘Fishermen Street’. among others, our aim is to create an urban experience where locals and foreigners can interact, learn and play, walking or cycling along the different stretches of the uniquely themed street. Apart of injection of cultural programs, we carefully demarcate areas along the Street where it could co-exist with new developments like affordable and high-end housings, bringing people to stay at the Bay area and to create jobs. Furthermore, the Street edge is made of a line of continuous shophouses with the ground floor opens for commercial businesses, while the first floor is office and second to third floor reserved to affordable town houses with roof terrace. The mixture of program is an extension of the iconic Penang heritage shophouses. The scale, building heights and profile of the street canopy are crafted to respond to existing site context, with building breaks and urban linkages that sew the old city and the Street together. Urban follies in the form of urban shared car park and residential tower above are landmarks that designate the different streets sections.


The Mangrove Trail

Historically, the Seberang Prai bay area was natural sanctuary of great biodiversity and abundance. The main idea for the Butterworth or Seberang Prai Bay area is to heal, restore and expand the existing natural assets like the Prai River mangrove ecosystem and the Bagan Ajam Beach. These nature settings have been damaged by human activities for years and are shrinking in size suppressed by the rapid urban development of Sebarang Prai area. Restoring the Bay by mean of nature could be the only chance where Penang as a whole could withstand the threat of global rising sea levels. With the restoration in place, we envision the Mangrove Trail to be an ecotourism hotspot, am international attraction for nature lovers where one can enjoy the mangrove ecological trail and the mangrove resorts. Local agriculture activities can also take the setting of this restored lush mangrove protected area for mud crab and shellfish farming.


The Satellite Floating Cities

The main issue of current development on Penang Island is the shortage of land area. Penang Island has been heavily urbanized, dominated by vast area of valuable heritage shophouses, where important new projects like affordable housing, schools and hospitals finding difficulties to expand. The 2 satellite floating cities oppose the model of unecological land reclamation, they are built on mega-stilt with the main function to create space for the expansion of Penang’s most essential development. With the additional land area, we envision Penang to expand its major industrial sectors like container port, medical tourism, education hub, affordable housing and banking CBD on the new Floating Island City 1. For Floating Island City 2, recreational program like turf club, hotels, SoHo, duty-free commercial and golf sport among others could be planned.


The Capital Bridge

The current governmental offices of Penang has facing issue of congestion. The four main parts of the greater Penang Bay are linked together by a central Capital City Bridge. This is the Main Administrative Center of Penang with major city-funded galleries and state religious buildings are located. It also functions as a pedestrian and vehicular bridge that bring people of Penang Island and Seberang Prai closer together.

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2. Iconic Penang Food Street below Mix-r
3. Existing Colonial Bungalow Looking th
5. Sunset Street, elevated civic tour &
6. Trishaw Street & Fort Cornwallis.jpg
8. Textile Street fashion runway, textil
9. Art Street - art workshops, reuse ret
10. Transit & jeruk street.jpg
11. Fish Market Strreet at clan jetties.
12. Giant incense street, production & e
13. Pasar Malam Street.jpg
14. Fisherman Village Street, warung & n
16. Seagrass Eco-retreat chalet.jpg
15. Fishing street, fishing hobbist acce
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