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RTS Johor - Landasan jauhar

project year


project team

; 2020

; johor Bahru

; edric choo poo liang

  Aaron Neo On E

  Nicole Hooi Yi Tien

  Mohd Afi b Abdul Malik

  Amirul Shah Mumfahir


“Landasan Jauhar” Station is a new station addition to the urban context of Bukit Chagar. It will become the new “front door” to the city of Johor for the visitor arriving from Singapore through RTS Train route. Thus, the station is no longer considered merely as an infrastructural node or exchange hub but rather an urban landmark reflecting the identity of Johor.

The proposal also aims to trigger a new perception of train station design in the country. In order to achieve this, the proposal seeks to produce an iconic yet contextualized architecture that, beyond creating an impression, will be able to communicate and represent the character of its location to the public.

By researching on History of Johar, Johar has been the State with first Wooden Railway Track in Malaya been built during 1986 connecting the capital to Gunung Pulai, this will be the pride of the Sultan and rakyat of Johor.

With this inspiration in mind, Landasan Jauhar Station express the complexity of the train track seamlessly continue from the actual train track leading to the station peeling off forming the station envelope structure wrapping over the station building and gradually connecting back to the actual train track on the other end. With this formation, the conventional typology of train station with station and track are separate entity has been rethought, redesign and reform.

Now the new train station architecture typology has emerged!!

The Station and the Track has become one!!

The wrapping of the station with train track structure was geometry design with reference to the inspiration of the complexity of the train track when it merges toward the end of station with multiple diamond cross intersections making the stability of the structure. The beauty of symmetry asymmetry of the diamond cross juxtaposition the structure for the station. The entire structure will be in matte GI steel structure to give more punch to the design.

The climax hit when you reach the centre part of the station, this is where the ‘Jauhar’ will be crown. The track structure twisted and turn down to hold the centre piece of the ‘Jauhar’ representing the heart and soul of Johorian.

This is Johor is land of ‘Jauhar’ !! the land full of precious and opportunities!!


Environmental Contextual has been well consider in the Station Envelope, where the entire station will be envelope with series of louvres overlapping each other that encourage cross ventilation. Hot air will be raised and exist from the station and cool wind will blow across into the station.

The station envelope louvres panel consist of Photovoltage and glass panels. It has been strategically placed according to sun path diagram to maximize energy generated from day light and at the same time give shade to the station.  On the façade facing North South will be using the glass louvres to bring in the natural light to the station.

The atmosphere of Light and shade enhance the poetic of the station.


Inside the station, the platform of the station has been flooded with patriotism of Johar state colour, Red, Blue and white. We welcome and send the Johorian/visitor with Red platform floor. Two pair of train track ramp has been designed to connecting left and right platform to bring back the childhood of station user fun walking and playing on the train track.    

The train will be arrived and depart inside the transparent glass tube to replace the ugly looking the high railing in most of the station nowadays.

Lush of Local Vegetation include Stated flower - Orchid and Ironwood Tress has been planted to give a fresh air and greenery environment to the station user.


With this magnificent Architecture Typology demarking the New architecture language in train station design will surely make Landasan Jauhar Station an International Masterpiece and Pride for the Sultan and Johorian !!

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