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project year


project team

; 2020

; edric choo poo liang
  minsyn lim
  quek yi jane

  nicole hooi yi tian

The inspiration started with the understanding of Fitt, the Context, and Palladio.

The new Fitt HQ consists of a new fluid form juxtaposed with the existing rectilinear factory; mapping with surrounding farmscape pattern and framed with Palladian Loggia to give a completely new dimension for Fitt.  

The site consists of an existing factory, villa, warehouse, and storage barn. The new fluid building form spreading across the site connecting together the existing villa, warehouse, and the operating factory forming series of courtyards and in-between spaces.    

The surrounding farms inspire the design by mapping its aerial plot pattern onto the site forming the ground patterns with textured gold strips. Some of the formal office space was extruded from the plots intersecting with the fluid building. Different types of local crops are cultivated within a series of courtyards formed by the fluid office.  

The existing tarmac space in between the new office form and the existing factory has transformed into an informal event space. Sunken amphitheater, sports courts, landscaped lawn, outdoor café, and water bodies are created. The continuous landscape connects seamlessly up to the roof terrace with jogging paths.

Fitt company members can enjoy a fitness gym, sleep capsules, a residential unit for overnight rest, a multi-purpose presentation, or a celebration hall within the complex as part of a well-balanced working environment.   

The existing villa is preserved and repurposed as guest’s reception while the metal-clad warehouse is re-integrated as a new company museum. Local Vicenza stone integrated with Fitt metal gutters lines the façade skin for the operating factory with rooftop solar PVs harvest energy for the new HQ.

A continuous loggia in Palladio’s language frames the site as the pedestrian linkage between car park, office, and factory while defining edges of the site with its neighbors.

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