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City of tomorrow

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; 2020
; flexible

; edric choo poo liang
  minsyn lim

Manmade City vs Mother Nature

Up till today, our society develop townships and cities horizontally by means of destroying land. Miles of forest are lost each year equivalent to 48 football fields every minutes. If thing persist, all of Mother Nature will be replaced with manmade environment. The global Coronavirus pandemic could be an indirect sign that the Earth has fallen sick.

The Covid-19 Pandemic

2020 is a year of global pandemic with over 1 million people killed worldwide due to the Coronavirus. While the COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contact routes, there is a possibility of such virus to develop airborne transmission capability. Most countries have implemented lockdown measures, limiting travel between home and workplace and restricting close contact between human and the outside world.

The question is how do we live in the future if we are unable to permanently curb the thrive of such viruses that contaminate our external environment?  

New Epoch

On the technological front human have realize personal flying car, a car-plane hybrid that gives maximum freedom of mobility. In the pandemic time, online meeting technology allow us to virtually interact via computer screen, physical distance is no longer a hindrance to meet. But how do we balance between life in isolation during pandemic time and still allow a degree of freedom of movement and interaction?

Technological changes shape society and cities are defined by the technological potential of the time. In moments of global pandemic crisis and deterioration of the natural environment, the new epoch requires us interact differently and to set Nature free.

We propose a version of future city that integrate work, live and mobility infrastructure as One. Zero wastage of floor space, zero road, zero deforestation and zero suburb. A series of elevated self-sustaining towers with individual small flying capsules as hybrid space for living and working. A live-work-travel Crossover. The nature forest and rivers are allowed to left intact, restore and subsequently thrive.

The City Tower

A City is consisting of several self-sustaining Towers. Within the self-sustaining Tower, one can find places for work, play, shop, sport and culture. Each Tower has work meeting platforms where individual capsules meet physically within a controlled and sanitized environment. There is a retail street to cater for daily needs and dedicated sport complexes with sport courts and various physical activities programs. After plugged-in to the Tower, people can remain indoor and interact thru the capsule glass panel or disembark and interact physically with people at the central interaction platform. The central platform is a controlled street where one can meet people and travel between floors and visit neighbouring capsules.

There is a medical hub build at the lower core of a Tower serves as quarantine and to respond to the pandemic situation. It is the checkpoint before one enter or exit the City.

Towers are linked by a network of elevated bridges for capsules and people. Each City is then linked to another nearby City by a same bridge.

The Fleet

Flying fleets of live-work-travel Crossover capsules use clean energy to run. Stationed capsules use energy charging receptor to hold on to the Tower core while the rest cruise freely along the infinite airspace from one Tower neighbourhood to another. There are mass transit and logistic capsule to help big volume movements. The travel is based on computerized auto navigation system.


The Land Returned to Nature

The new City is lifted, leaving uninterrupted growth of big trees and wildlife on the ground. Former highways and carparks are now slowly colonized by extending forest and new ecosystems. People on the City Towers can do regulated recreational or scientific visits to the Nature below. Mother Nature to back its original condition without damage by every new human development.

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View Towards Next City.jpg
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