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a house for master lee

project year


project team

; 2016
; gayasan-ro, south korea

; edric choo poo liang
  minsyn lim

'Onggi master Lee Kang-Hyo is always hard at work since the first day he inherited the massive clay block. It is the place he work, pray and rest. Day by day through his life, spaces are excavated out of the block.


The clay is then used as material for his Onggi pot production. The clay block is the cosmic center of his life. The haptic digging and moulding of clay to form spaces and to produce Onggi are spiritual reflection that define his existence.


His Onggi pots are sold to local villages. From time to time he accepts young apprentices who are eager to learn the traditional craft.'

The competition scheme is a conceptual house designed for the Korean pot master Lee Kang-Hyo.

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