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A Home for 2 @ Kuala Lumpur by O2DA featured

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A HOME MADE FOR 2 is located within a prominent residential neighbourhood in the northern part of Kuala Lumpur.  The client has certain requirements in term of design and space and priority was placed on revamping the Interior spaces while maintaining most of the exterior facade features. We have work closely with the client who was also a designer for the house.

Spatial adaptability became the design parameters for the house layout. The design of the house is tailor-made for two users with one master bedroom and one multipurpose guest room. The guest room is designed to become a flexible communal space that also functions as a multi-purpose TV hall or study room.

The ground floor layout embodies the concept of fluid space. From the front, all the way to the back of the house, the internal spaces were arranged to form a continuous flow of space for maximum cross ventilation. When viewed from the car porch entrance gate, the internal space of the house is partially obscured due to the unique vertical wave pattern metal screen design. Upon entering the house, visitors will be greeted by the courtyard garden located next to the living room.

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